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    • Meet author Karen Hughes!

    • What is a Writer?

    • EXERCISE: What kind of Writer are you?

    • Get Ready to Write!

    • Download your FREE digital copy of Emerald Child

  2. 2
    • New video by Karen

    • Wild and Wonderful Characters

    • EXERCISE: Choose an Animal

    • Get Ready to Write!

    • Our Planet with Sir David Attenborough

  3. 3
    • New Video by Karen

    • Looking for Sea Monsters

    • EXERCISE: Pretend you're the Sea Monster

    • Get Ready to Write!

    • Release the Kraken

  4. 4
    • New Video by Karen

    • The Hero's Journey

    • EXERCISE: Planning your Quest

    • Get Ready to Write!

    • What makes a Hero?

  5. 5
    • New Video by Karen

    • Make your Zombies interesting!

    • EXERCISE: Zombie Zed and his brothers Zach and Zorro

    • Get Ready to Write!

    • How to Draw a Zombie

  6. 6
    • New Video by Karen

    • Write a Space Diary

    • EXERCISE: Where am I?

    • Get Ready to Write!

    • Fly through the Universe

  7. 7
    • New Video by Karen

    • How to Write a Whodunnit

    • EXERCISE: Leave a Trail of Clues

    • Get Ready to Write!

    • Ingredients for a Mystery Story

  8. 8
    • New Video by Karen

    • Building a Steampunk World

    • EXERCISE: Let's Design our Airship

    • Get Ready to Write!

    • Hugo Cabret – A Steampunk Story

  9. 9
    • New Video by Karen

    • Beware of Kryptonite!

    • EXERCISE: Heroes and Villains

    • Get Ready to Write!

    • Superman

  10. 10
    • New Video by Karen

    • Draw a Treasure Map

    • EXERCISE: What Happens Next?

    • Get Ready to Write!

    • The Rules of Adventure


  • What's included in the program?

    Our new digital program consists of 10 weekly modules, each based around a different theme. Each week, kids receive access to the next module, where they can watch a new video presentation by author Karen Hughes, complete the exercises, and take the Story Challenge. Each presentation is around 10-15 minutes in length and covers a different aspect of creative writing. Kids will have access to all 10 modules for the whole year, so they can work at their own pace.

  • What do the modules include?

    The modules contain a variety of resources, including novel excerpts, descriptive passages, and plenty of fun writing exercises. Topics include: Finding Inspiration, Plotting and Planning, Character Development, Building Fictional Worlds, Voice and Perspective, Language and Grammar Techniques, and Exploring Different Genres.

  • What's the weekly Story Challenge?

    On completion of the video and the various activities each week, kids are encouraged to take Karen's Story Challenge. They'll receive feedback from Karen in a live Zoom session each term, and they'll be encouraged to submit their stories by the end of the year for publication on the website and in our annual paperback anthology.

  • How do I get started?

    Create your account by clicking the 'GET STARTED NOW' button. Make your payment online or email your child’s NSW Creative Kids voucher and date of birth to us at and we’ll send you a coupon to complete your enrolment.

  • Will kids get to chat with Karen about their stories?

    Kids become part of our exclusive online club and can message each other and Karen on the Discussion Board or by posting in the Clubhouse. At the end of each term, Karen will run a special live Zoom session, giving every child personalised feedback on their stories. Our aim is that students will leave the program with improved writing skills, increased confidence, and an enduring love of language.

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Karen Hughes

Karen Hughes is a writer, editor, workshop facilitator, PhD student, and former lawyer based in the Hunter Valley. She is the author of four books in the Kalika Magic series for kids aged 9+, which are all listed on the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge. She is the director of Hunter Valley Writers and delivers author talks, school visits, and creative writing workshops all over Australia. Her latest book is The Howling Sands (2017). She is currently writing a speculative fiction novel for adults as the creative component of her PhD in English at the University of Newcastle.

This project is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW.